Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some New and Others Tried and True

Okay, admittedly I have not posted to my blog in a very long time anything newsworthy. There are MANY great products, some new some proven, we are bringing to the Jackson regional market. Sterling silver Fleur de Lis Jewelry from Reflections... or the fabulous Spongelle Pediscrubs from the Dead Sea Pavillion that I've been "testing" in my bathtub. Make sure to find out about Xela's Spring specials because this time they put in their very best scents...what a sweet deal... Love those aromasticks in those fragrances especially! You will FLIP over the books that Red Wheel - Weiser- Conari Press has on tap and the program you can design for your store. These books are wonderful. You will wish the show was longer and want to pull up a chair... they are so cute. I haven't mentioned Soul's Calling... the show stopper... or Ally Cats or well, there are so many wonderful lines... Aromatherapy Interventions is a top level soy based candle line comparable to the best that can sell as a greeting card because the marketing is so clever.

Well, I have to get back to work. I do hope we get to see you in booth 619 but, if not... give me a call... fax me ... or just let me know you want more information on a specific line.

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