Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heidi's Nail Cream Works!

A customer of mine told me this product flies out her door so, as a rep for the distributor, I decided to do a test on my left hand. My nails are paper thin and ripping all of the time. After a week of using Heidi's Nail Creme, there is a clear different between my right nails and my left. My left hand looks "groomed" whereas my right hand has unsightly cuticles and hangnails. (Sorry about the disgusting description.) After a nail ripped on my right hand, I was reminded to file both hands. So far, no tears or rips on my left hand. Stay tuned, it looks like a winner. Call me for more information if you want to consider Heidi's Nail Creme for your store. Mabyn 225-218-9866 or 866-353-4287.

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