Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Great products make for Interested Retailers!

We are back - not unpacked - but back from the show in Jackson. More later. I just noticed that the links, etc on this site are not working - my apologies. I'll try to get it back up before the end of the week. I'm not sure what happened.

Several Emery-Burton card lines; Soul's Calling feel good flip flops, cups, and bracelets; the little girls's AllyKat line; Red Wheel/Conari Press books huge selection of books; Frazzeled Bedazzled selection of paper; Reflection's sterling silver; Xela's reed diffusers; Aqua-Pruff's wet-suit fabric (neoprene) products (totes/mats/bottle holders); Aromatherapy Interventions' candles where so many people stopped, sniffed, read the boxes and laughed; SPONGELLES and PEDISCRUBS all to mention a few of the great lines that were being ordered and inquired about.

For the customers who ventured into the beauty lines our aromatherapy blotting paper, Refreshment for your Face, was an interesting new concept. Over the next several posts I'll just post summaries with photos of the lines rather than do anymore of this ye-haw. If you made it to the show I hope your feet have recovered.

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