Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 and 2009 Gifts

Time for an update. 2009 closed with four product lines knocking it out of the ballpark. They were Spongeables, D'Morri Soaps, Tassis and Tan Towels. I have a few lines that people just did not order this year so they did not get the chance to sell.

2010 will bring several new things for me. First of all, I am teaming up with a product rep who lives in Mississippi (Paula Ohlmeyer) to try to better cover this territory. Our collaboration will be called "coozanz."   We will be showing our lines at the Biloxi Wholesale Gift Show, February 6-8.

Secondly, for Louisiana only I will be working with a great showroom out of Dallas called Mario + Associates.  I will be at the Dallas Gift Show in January.

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