Friday, October 23, 2009

d'Morri MAGIC Soap Wands

I'm always skeptical of anything that is magic, aren't you? It turns out that this is just a clever name for a loofah back scrubber. This is a back scrubber that sets itself apart because it is filled with fragrant soap (either Southern Nights, Pomegranate or Vital --a scent for men and women). The magic is that the bath wand's loofah brush opens up after about a week of using it. I have been taking photographs of the progression which I'll keep adding to as I go forward. If you want to see more about d'Morri, follow my link at the top of the page under Product Lines.
For wholesale information contact Mabyn Shingleton 225-218-9866 or 866-353-4287.

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