Friday, April 11, 2008

Spongelle Tip From the Road

I see many stores over the course of a year. I visit salons, boutiques, spas, shops, nurserys... you name it. My observation today comes for the Spongelle line of products which are very good sellers for many customers. First, don't hide them in an obsure place in your shop. If possible, place them near your check out or at your check out. They are an impulse item. This does not pertain to the boxed Duets however it is advisable to place the pedibuffers or pediscrubs there.
And, if they come in a display box...don't be afraid to use it! Sure, you can try it without but if your spongelles or spongeables don't move as quickly as you think they should, put them back in that display. The displays organize the products so they are very easy to see plus there are selling words on the display that talk to your customer when you cannot. Putting them into a basket is cute and but it does not tell your customer what the product is for.
Keeping a certain image for your store is important. That is why Spongelle has such great packaging. However, if the way in which you are merchandising this product isn't moving them - consider using what the manufacturer sends to you- think about changing it up. Also, next time you order, ask me to check on a display for you. Mabyn 1-866-353-4287 or 225-218-9866