Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Home, Garden, Crafts & Comforts

Now is a great time to "Buy 3, get one Free" of some great books if you haven't already ordered your new Conari Press books this quarter. Contact me for the books that qualify this quarter for this offer - they are great ones like the two pictured but hurry because the offer ends soon. Your initial quantity isn't a large one but if you feel that your customers would like to experience small books (some hard cover/some paperback) these are wonderful. These publishing companies cover all of the hot topics and many have been "Oprah" recommended. The Conari Press & Red Wheeel catalog notes which are best sellers and many of whch are "New, New, New!"

If you are searching for:

  1. Mother's Day gifts

  2. Pink Ribbon Books

  3. Inspiration

  4. Recovery

  5. Prayer

  6. Grief

  7. Pets

  8. Creativity

  9. Crafts and Comforts

  10. Decorating & Delights

  11. Pop Culture

  12. Humor

  13. Trivia

  14. Food and Fun

  15. Women of a "Certain Age"

  16. Family

  17. Health

  18. Yoga & Meditation

  19. Eastern Wisdom

  20. Celtic Wisdom & Fairy Magic

  21. Charms & Enchantments

  22. Angel Blessings

  23. Belle Tress Books

  24. Ancient Wisdom

  25. Astrology

  26. Earth & Sky

  27. Tarot Decks & Books

  28. World Music

Located in each of these separate catagories you are sure to find the minimum 25 books needed if not many more. Give me a call so I can stop by or drop a catalog in the mail to you so you can get your order started immediately. I know you'll want the wholesale prices and I'll be happy to help. Mabyn Shingleton 866-353-4287 or 225-218-9866

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