Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Women's Luxurious Colorful Ink Pens by Deborah Bedard

There are many fine ink pens on the market. Amidst these writing tools, however; there is only one brand that markets soley to women. This is important because these other pens are large, black - silver - brown, or just down right masculine.
The line of pens is DEBORAH BEDARD. The quality of these writing instruments is unmistakable once you write with them. They are perfectly balanced. They come in four pastels and, now, the 2006 colors which feature two gorgeous trendy hot colors - a deep orange and olive green. PS!!! I neglected to mention the wonderful leather purse pen holder! You'll love it!

Contact me to know more about this targeted line of pens. Mabyn Shingleton 225-218-9866

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