Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SPACARDS = Scents and a Card!

This eye-catching display is full of a product called SPACARDS. Six SPACARDS fit to a slot. Currently, there are 8 cards (2 birthday), each featuring its own unique bath salt scent and drawing. The whimsical cards are each illustrated beautifully with cute personable sayings. The dead sea salts used in each smell delicious. The card is blank making it perfect for personalization. There are instructions inside each for mailing. Two packages to choose from to start with and easy reorder. SPACARDS is a new product that is in tune with today's aromatherapy/spa craze. Add that to the need to send a "little something" and this makes a great add-on in any shop. Cards are fine for ages 8 to adult. Call Mabyn at 225-218-9866 or use my 1-866 number above.

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