Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nuturing Force Aloe Vera Makeup Remover

Every so often I get a hold of a new product that makes sense and simply, works. Meet Nurturing Force Wellness Aloe Vera "Clean Sweep", a spray make-up remover. The 2 ounce spray bottle is a perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand. You can spray this directly onto your face or spray onto a cotton ball. I chose the latter. With a gentle swoop over one eye I removed the mascara you see in the image. It is very gentle and effective. To remove all of my face make-up took 2 cotton pads. It hydrates and moisturizes sensitive skin like mine. It is paraben-free and has no added colors or fragrance. If you are interested in stocking this product in your retail establishment, contact Mabyn Shingleton at 866-353-4287 or 225-218-9866.