Friday, May 02, 2008

Xela Tea Line Offers Rich Fragrance

Yesterday afternoon a foot and a half long box arrived. It was the Tea for You product by Xela Aromasticks. I have smelled each fragrance (there are five*) previously and always believed they produced very good blends; however, until I experienced the product as it arrived in the tin canister I did not fully appreciate how marvelous this line really is. Tea for you is is a reed diffuser line based on teas. The tin canister holds all of the fragrance in. Opening it, reveals this fascinating aroma. I pulled out the packaging to reveal a very handsome frosted glass with an etched logo dusted in the color of the line, which was lavender (Lavender Earl Grey). I am sorry it took me so long to get a full experience of the Tea for You line. I'll be interested to see what various retailers think when I begin showing it next week. The metal tin itself is neat. If you want wholesale information on aromasticks (reed diffusers)call Mabyn Shingleton at 225-218-9866 to see how we can make it work for your store. I took a photo of it for you to enjoy.
*Tangerine Mandarin Chai (Combination of lemongrass, orange and spices--nutmeg, cinnamon & clove) Lemongrass' aromatherapy benefit is that of a calming nature and orange helps with anti-anxiety. Inspired by Chai Tea.
*Jasmine Darjeeling (Exotic blend of Jasmine, gardenia, violet and tea oil) The aromatherapy benefit from jasmine is stimulation.
*Lavender Earl Grey (Complex mixture of lavender, citrus, lemon, patchouli and tea oil.) Lavender is known to release tension and citrus is invigorating. They borrowed the name from Earl.
*Sunflower Oolong (Bright mixture of sunflower, gardenia, orange blossom and tea oil) Neroli's aromatherapy benefits are said that it is uplifting. Neroli is orange blossom oil.
*Mint Green Tea (Clean natural combination of spearmint, lemon verbena, lavender and tea oil) Spearmint be soothing to your stomach while lavender relaxes you.

Hopefully these fragrance descriptions will begin to explain the benefits of the line and the scent complexities you will entertain if you stock this delightful line. Let Mabyn at 225-505-5466 know if you want wholesale information.