Monday, May 19, 2008

Invite customers to try Product

Heidi's Nail Solution sells well in gift stores, boutiques, nail salons and spas. It is a nail strengthener and cuticle repair cream that works well and lasts a good long time. It comes in a glass pod-like jar that is like no other product I am aware of. My suggestion is to place the small 3-tier acrylic display you can order near your check-out in clear view with a tester. Invite customers to try Heidi's Nail Solution and you'll find new loyal Heidi's customers.

I do like their other products (Creme Deluxe and Velvet Heels) as well.
Heidi's Creme Deluxe (for those of use with very dry hands & body) is a very rich, non-sticky creme in a tube. It absorbs into your skin very quickly and "lasts through three hand washings."

Heidi's Velvet Heels helps to break down dry, cracked heels. All in all, this is a small but quality line.

For information on adding the Heidis line to your store, contact Mabyn Shingleton at 1-866-353-4287 or email me at with the subject: Heidis.