Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Janet Gray Designs Bag Line

Customers will be thrilled to find the Janet Gray Designs line for many reasons. Starting off I've shot two photos, one of my old purse and the other of the same contents in my new Janet Gray Everyday bag. Every item has a place. Her essential interior pocket system consists of a series of convenient pockets that line the interior of each bag. The pockets are designed to hold a cell phone, pens, pencils and lipsticks, and receipts. This system allows for a roomy interior that makes it easy to find all of your items. Also, its the 'charming' details you'll find hanging from her most substantial totes and handbags.

There is a secret about this line that I can only tell you when I speak to you so, if you want to really learn about this line... call me either at 225-505-5466 or 1-866-353-4287 quickly before someone else starts carrying the line in your area!
Mabyn Shingleton

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