Monday, October 24, 2005

Yoga & Pilates Bags by TKUU

Good looking
Incredible color choices
Choice of the stars
Recognized by Leading Health Magazine Editors

TKUU has a line of three yoga/pilates bags. This particular bag is called the ELIZABETH BAG.* It is available in four delicious colors: Wheat with green polka dots; Pink with mango polka dots; Green with wheat polka dots; Mango with pink polka dots. You'll find two zippers inside.

Wait until you unzip the top and see the incredible color INSIDE! Your eyes will pop! TKUU's use of color is something to see. I'll email you a snapshot if you write to me or set up an appointment to show you in person.

*Look under my line representative listings for the linesheet and see the OBI Bag and the Sweaty Stuff Bag.