Friday, September 30, 2005

A New Way to Scent

The samples finally arrived and they are yummy. The Press that XELA Aromasticks has gotten is obviously well deserved. The handsome packaging is eye-catching and unique.

Available Scents: Uplifting Floral; Calming Woods; Invigorating Citrus; Stimulating Spice; Soothing Nursery; Charming Gardenia; Inspiring Vanilla Latte; Enriching Creme Brulee. From October-November order two limited edition scents: Enchanting Candy cane or Illuminating Christmas Tree!

XELA (pronounced seela) Aromasticks are simple to use. Simply flip the sticks periodically and/or as desired in order to refresh the intensity of the fragrance. This new scenting is the alternative to candles that burn too fast and emit smoke and incense sticks that smoke out house and home. The gentle way to scent.

Call or email me for the wholesale price sheet and to set up a time to smell them. This is the "real McCoy." Accept no imitations. You'll know it when you smell it.